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Cancellation Academia Sighisoara 2021
20 apr. 2021

Cancellation Academia Sighisoara 2020
17 mar. 2020

Professors of 2020 Edition
21 feb. 2020

Concerts Academia Sighisoara 2019
22 iul. 2019

Professors of 2019 Edition
14 feb. 2019

Concerts of the 2018 edition
13 iul. 2018


Teaching of the music students at the Sighişoara Academy is divided into instrumental instruction, chamber music and individual practice. Apart from specific instrument-directed coaching, technique and expression, the individual study of a piece suited to the student's skill at the time and the performance is also undertaken. Playing music together with others is of prime importance. Students of Photography and Film are trained in workshops and lectures. During the course they are able to present individual work on a common theme. Well known professors from all over the world pass on their knowledge and pass on valuable techniques and approaches. The students are given the opportunity to gather as many varied experiences as possible, discovering new ideas as they progress and grow.