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Cancellation Academia Sighisoara 2021
20 apr. 2021

Cancellation Academia Sighisoara 2020
17 mar. 2020

Professors of 2020 Edition
21 feb. 2020

Concerts Academia Sighisoara 2019
22 iul. 2019

Professors of 2019 Edition
14 feb. 2019

Concerts of the 2018 edition
13 iul. 2018


The Academy Sighişoara was founded in 1993 as the Summer Music Festival Sighişoara, by the Romanian-born Swiss violinist Alexandru Gavrilovici and the Swiss flautist Heidi Indermühle. What began as a modest master course for music students from Switzerland and Romania in the romantic surroundings of the Sighişoara fort, soon became a significant Music Festival, attracting the notice of the international media. Within two years, instruction in another instrument was offered through the participation of the pianist Geradro Vila and since then, every year a dozen internationally renowned professors representing various instruments have taken part in the Festival's courses and concerts. The inclusion of MediabFilm and Photography since 2009 has extended the Festival into the field of Visual Arts.