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Cancellation Academia Sighisoara 2021
20 apr. 2021

Cancellation Academia Sighisoara 2020
17 mar. 2020

Professors of 2020 Edition
21 feb. 2020

Concerts Academia Sighisoara 2019
22 iul. 2019

Professors of 2019 Edition
14 feb. 2019

Concerts of the 2018 edition
13 iul. 2018


The Sighişoara Academy takes place every August with the opening concert usually on August 1st. The concerts that are given throughout the festival are intended, on the one hand, to introduce the teaching professors and on the other to demonstrate the students' abilities (also affording them valuable concert experience). The concerts are held at various venues, e.g. in the assembly room of the Town Hall, in the Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox churches, in the Synagogue or at other venues chosen according to the thematic focus of the year. Within the framework of the Visual Art course there is a presentation of course participants' work, in the form of a slideshow or film show every evening in the courtyard of the Haltrich boarding school. Exhibitions and Installations at other venues are announced at the participating venue.