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Kreda, Adrian

Adrian holds, Swiss, Polish and Argentian citizenships. He currently resides in Geneva where he holds the posts of dean at the Music Conservatory and piano professor. A graduate of the National Conservatory in Buenos Aires, the Music Academy in Cracow and the Geneva Conservatoire, Adrian has inherited the musical traditions of a number of esteemed professors: Edith Murano, Ana Grunwald, Bruno Gelber and Paul Badura-Skoda. Throughout his career, Adrian has performed countless recording for numerous radio and television programmes, including: Radio Nationale de Buenos Aires, TV Argentina, S.O.D.R.E de Montevideo, Radio Suisse Romande and Polish Radio and Television. He has performed at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires (Argentina), S.O.D.R.E. and Mozarteum in Montevideo (Uruguay), São Pedro Theatre in São Paulo (Brasil), Victoria Hall (Switzerland), Warsaw Philharmonic, Cracow Philharmonic (Poland), Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal) and Prague Philharmonic (Czech Republic). In 1992, at the Poznań Philharmonic, he gave the historical first performance of Alberto Ginastera’s Piano Concerto No. 1. In 1996, in France, Adrian performed an integral series of sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven. Adrian is also a composer, improviser and conductor. His pieces are performed during concerts and recorded in the form of albums.